Do guys get uncomfortable around some girls?

This one guy talks to pretty much everybody else, and is loud and seems to be having fun, but when he's around me he won't really talk to me. He asked me a question once, and then when I looked up at him, we made eye contact for about half a second, until he looked quickly away. I don't understand how he could be crazy around every other girl, but not me?


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  • Guys usually will only be intimidated by girls and be uncomfortable around them if they're attracted to them. There really aren't too many other things that will make a guy intimidated by a girl. Pretty girls will always intimidate shy guys. And often guys who aren't as shy.

    Him changing his actions and acting timid around you usually signals him being attracted to you. Be easy with him haha


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  • There was a guy that acted JUST like this (100% of what you describe here) and it drove me bananas. From what I understand, he may be attracted to me, so that could be the reason why...

  • yup def