How do you know when a girl is checking you out!?

It's so hard to tell, they always seem so subtle! I went to a show tonight and there was this super cute girl, and she shot me a look when she walked by and kinda took her time as she passed, but the thing was, I was checking her out nearly the entire night so she might have sensed that already. :)

How do you know when a girl is checking you out and likes what she sees? Because I'm really looking for a girl right now, and only want to go for the ones that give me the best cues. :)


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  • If she looks at you and smiles she thinks your hot. its as simple as that

    • Really? As a guy I find it so hard to smile at hot girls that I find attractive, especially when I don't know them, wouldn't it be the same for girls? If I know a girl and I really like her, I can see how that seeing her would really make me happy and I would smile, but when it's just a random hot girl, it seems that the situation may be different. :) But maybe not?

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    • Showing interest is very hard for me. I wish it wasn't, but it just is!

    • Wait...really? I always thought girls did that to be sweet and polite?

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  • Basically what I do is look at a guy that I think is cute. If we lock eyes, I'll smile and look away, then look back. If he is still looking at me I just smile again, but if he isn't I'll usually check him out. Lock eyes, look away, then look back. If she looks back with a smile on her face still, she pretty much likes you

    • She didn't really do that! :( lol

    • hmm, well then really it was probably more of a passing glance. I mean, I make eye contact with people all the time but if I think they are cute, I will keep trying. It feels awkward, but if I like them it's worth the awkward-ness:)

    • As much as I agree with that, it's still so hard! lol

  • She was checking you out :)

    We will look you up and down basically

    • That's really surprising to me then because in my own view I'm only an average guy. I'm not muscular at all, but am still confident and I will admit that I have a good style overall. But she was an easy 9. Close to a 10. :)

      It's hard to believe that I could attract a beautiful girl like that, even though I would really like being with one. :)

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  • Look for eye contact, smile if it happens. If I suspect they're checking me out, I do a quick yawn. If they also yawn they might have been looking.

    Either way, if you're interested, walk up and say hi. If they're receptive go for it. If not then oh well. You know for sure now.

    • How easy is it to shake off a rejection?

    • It only hurts if you care about it and obsess over it. Women are people too. Treat them like a normal person.

    • Of course they're people, and that's what makes them so great. Every person is great but when you find a girl that you think might be special to you, you want to see everything about them that makes them so special as an individual. People can't be replaced, and we live in a world that seems to unfortunately believe the exact opposite.

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