To people who believe that aliens exist, what purpose would you have if the president or any government

Official said on national TV that aliens do exist? And everyone accepts it? I mean what would be your purpose as an investigator to go out and prove that its real when everyone believes you now? And if they are real its kind of like so what?

And if you were an alien and you had a peaceful beautiful planet and the aliens looked like humans why would you want to even visit Earth? For what? And if you were an alien wouldn't you find it stupid that people on Earth are spending a lot of money just to look for your planet?

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  • 1. What other choice does everyone have if not to accept or debate it

    2. If we are part of this planet there must be someone who's part of another. It will be very shallow to think that it doesn't and also I'd rather earn for my family and well being of others who need it rather than running after aliens or even debating it ;) ofcourse unless it's my paying job and / or they come visiting

    3. Don't we have a beautiful planet and got everything we need, yet we are busy trying to figure out life on other planets aren't we? Guess that's either human nature or the nature of anything that has life (and mobility - plants don't get adventerous or maybe they do but can't go anywhere :D) to be inquisitive and stretch their limits - that's how we've progressed from dinosaurs and apes :D

    4. Money or trade may not be a concept in another planet ;) and also if I were an alien I'd be happy to see someone different and friendly (if they are)

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  • Well I believe that the odds of us being the only intelligent life to have lived, live, or will live in the universe are incredibly small.

    But the odds of us ever meeting other intelligent life is even much smaller.

    I also believe that aliens would only visit our planet for one reason : colonization.

    Got a question for you : If it turned out aliens were real and they looked nothing like us, would you finally come to terms that the bible is fiction?

    • If the aliens did not look like humans that does not mean that the bible is fiction or that God is not real. The Bible is up for interpretation but so are a lot of natural phenomenons in the world but does that make things up for interpretation fiction? And I am tired of atheists and agnostic people on this website (not in real life because I have atheists friends) using the christian bible as a whinet scapegoat as to why they don't believe in god. Christianity isn't the only religion out there.

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    • Don't try to turn this on me you are the one who is contradicting yourself. Saying the bible is man made yet you won't point out the fact that science was created by man until now. Not to mention the fact that I told you my beliefs and you are defending yourself against nothing. You have no reason to defend yourself. You should debate about something you know. Because obviously you don't know anything about the bible

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  • Just because someone says something exists with no reasons behind it, there's no reason to believe them otherwise you have to apply the same faulty logic to other ideas

    It's their claim so they have the burden of proof, It's not up to me to prove/disprove their irrational ideas(priests, psychics haven't really tried to 'actually' prove anything even though a lot of people believe in that stuff)

    I 'think' life exists on other planets(doubt they've came here) but I would never say it's a fact

  • Dude...where is my car

  • They couldn't be any weirder than the president or the government. The things they say on national TV now are beyond human belief, so they might as well be aliens themselves!

  • Aliens do exist. Whether they've visited this planet is another question.

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    • What do I care?

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  • If there are aliens then:

    -they're so far away we'll never find any trace about them - the Universe is extremely vast - beyond extreme, Mars is just the next doors compared to the whole everything (and to clear it up there is only one planet where is life in the Solar system and it's the Earth)

    -they're either way more or way less developed than us, they might be just some bacteria.. they might also be something completely unimaginable

    • As a christian I believe god made us all in his image thetefore of their are what people call intelligent aliens. They look just like us. And if anything we are also considered aliens to them too. It goes both ways

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    • God did not label the continents or the countries. He created them. He gave humans domain over eartg. I accept science because god gave humans free will. He had also given roles to every part of nature to work on earth. I think atheists have a misconception that god sits there and says storn hurricane rain. No he gave roles to nature to work by themselves in a way that humans have the intelligence to figure out how it works. He gave us our free will to do things

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  • The purpose of being an investigator would be to find out more about aliens because we know very little.

  • I believe in aliens, but I don't try to convince others to believe. Believing in the existence of aliens isn't a "purpose for life", it's just an opinion. I don't care if ANYONE agrees or confirms my belief. I've personally seen unexplained "objects in the sky" twice in my life - *that* is what informs my opinion, not other people, and definitely NOT the president/government.

    And by the way, this is a real sign in my town, haha!


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