Is my hair long hair?

what do people mean by 'long hair' in , what's defined as 'long'?mine is past my shoulder but it comes up just short of my chest, kind of like this:


mine is the same coloring as hers, except natural-its never been dyed. how should I style it so that it'll look good? any advice? thanks :)

with my bangs its like this - I have the same coloring as her:



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  • that's how long I want my hair to be. I'm jealous =( mine's shoulder length and it won't grow fast enough.

    anyway, I think that that's long enough, but I asked question with a poll similar to this one a few weeks ago and the majority of guys answered that a girl's hair isn't long enough until it's at least midway down her back. screw them.

    • Lol..guys seriously have no idea how much work it takes to maintain hair like that..even though mine is thin, its naturally curly and if I just shuffle it around with my fingers it will get all tangled up.. really easily, which is why I cut it off..i'm happier with my hair like this now

    • Yeah, I used to have hair down almost to my butt; it's such a pain and I go so frustrated with it, my hair is super fine but thick, so even if I rubbed my head against the headrest in the car, I'd have a huge knot on the back of my head. so then I cut it, and kept cutting it until it a boy short pixie cut, and now I'm growing it back out again, but only to your length.

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  • I don't really have any input on the style, but as for the length, a rough scale would be:

    At or above the ears: short (obviously even short hair has to be lower than the ears because the hairline goes lower in the back, but you know what I mean)

    Below the ears, but not longer than shoulder length: medium

    Longer than shoulder length: long

    So yours would be long.

  • I think anything past shoulder length would be considered long hair.

    I would give you advice on styling but I am so booring, I love long straight hair:)


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  • i consider long hair past the shoulders for some people. for my own hair I consider past the back of my bra long right now my hair is medium length.