Why would a girl you knew blankly stares at you when you smile at her in class?

in class she turns her face towards my direction seems to notice me but looks blankly at me,when I smile at her,she isn't zoned out or looking behind me,she noticed me but looks blankly when I smile at her and this is the second time


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  • Maybe she was not looking at you.

    Maybe she was stoned.

    Maybe she was stunned by your beauty.

    Maybe she noticed something on you that she could not take her eyes off of it.

    Nevertheless, now you have a something to start a conversation with, so if you like the lady, go ahead and talk to her.

    Good Luck.

    • after few minutes she looked at me again though this time around she smiled back at me when I smiled ,she does this pretty often blankly look at me sometimes and smiles at me other times,she keeps nodding instead of talking and it doesn't lead anywhere lol except some awkward moments

    • I suspect you are in a formal place. Try asking her out somewhere, nothing serious, just for a little chat. I bet she will be much more comfortable and open outside.

      If she does not open up, then she is probably just shy. In that case, give her some time to get used to you.

      Either ways, show he that you are interested.