Is it possible he is interested in me at all?

I see this guy around frequently, but we don't speak or know each other lets say. But I overheard like 2 years ago him agreeing with someone about me being good looking, but I am shy so I can't really show any interest anyways 2 years later we still see each other frequently but I don't know if he'd be at all interested in me... I know he's single and looking but he just glances at me and I don't feel like he's going out of his way to be near me or show interest... do I have ANY chance?


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  • You're a girl, he's a guy, you automatically have a chance. Especially if he mentioned you were attractive. Some guys, especially if they're shy, won't look at you because they find you attractive. It doesn't sound like it with this guy but if you like him, I'd say go for it. You like him, he thinks you're pretty, sounds good to me. One of the biggest problems I have personally is I look for obstacles in a relationships instead of at all the things going for me/it. If it doesn't work out, don't worry, life will go on. Good luck!