Lesbians hate me, what can I do?

I study art in a very small college where everyone knows everyone. The principal and the most important professor are two women who are married. Most of the other women professors are lesbians too.

I discovered that the art world, at least in my city, is kind of controlled by lesbian women. I also found out that some of my class mates are also lesbians.

I am a very feminine, pretty, girly, straight girl and I don´t think I fit here.

Most of those women dress like boys and I don´t think they take showers. And they always make fun of me because I have long blond hair, I paint my nails, I wear flowery dresses, heels, purses, I wear make up and pink blouses and things like that. My professor always makes fun of me and treats me like I´m a "dumb blonde". They also told me that taking care of my hair is not feminist, is degrading and it´s out of style.

I have nothing against lesbians, but why do they hate me? What can I do about this?


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  • I'd be on my guard for anything that could be seen as sexual harassment.

    Furthermore, I'd tell them that I refuse to comform to their uniform behavior and this is the way I'd like to express myself. That it is my right in a free country to celebrate my female identity and I'm absolutely shocked that these left wing lesbians of all people would lower themselves to this kind of bigoted, judgmental attitude.

    I would add: " If you want the whole world to walk, talk and look alike, you should become a Nazi. As a matter of fact, Hitler wanted to be an artist. There's a reason he didn't become one, he lacked empathy and imagination."


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  • wow, o.O your story is somewhat bizarre... which city are you talking about? its odd that many butch lesbians that are heterophobic are in the same place... I mean I have met 2 bisexuals and a lesbian yet they don't act this way, they are really respectful. one of them is very feminine also.

    im curious how did that group formed... art students that are lesbians, heterophobic, feminazy, butch and annoying...

    And you don't have to have messy hair to be a feminist. tell them that. and tell them to stop being so intolerant.

    • Im telling you, they are disgusting, I don't know what's wrong with them.

    • What they don't know is the bad image the are giving to lesbians.

  • The absolute best thing you can do to drive mean people crazy is to live a happy fun successful (however you define success) life. Do what you love to do. Do it as well as you can, and have a great time doing it.

    A lot of "counterculture" type people are posers playing a role and trying to cover up their own insecurities. It'll drive em nuts to see you happy and living life on your own terms.

    The ones that are doing the same thing won't hate you for it. Just be you as well as you can and if they have a problem with you it's THEIR problem.

  • They are a joke big time, not because of they're sexuality but because they don't take showers. YUCK

    After hearing that, I hate the fact that they dress like boys, because they're making it seem like guys are nasty in general, so if they want to look like a dude, they can be nasty too. I'm sure you know guys are clean, because after all you're straight.

    They probably don't like you because they wish you was love them in a lustful kind of way but they know they can't have you.

    Misery loves company, they want to get a rise out of you, because deep down they're dealing with their own issues.

  • They're stupid, ignore them.

    Would you rather be like one of them - dirty, smelly, with short hair but hairy armpits and down there? An abomination.

    ..or you rather remain the way you are? A real girl!


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