Have I got zero chance with him?

I like this guy at my college, we see each other frequently around but don't actually know each other, have class nor talk.

Well lately I've been looking at him more to sort of indicate interest and I find that before all this he's usually just casually glance then look away like I'm insignificant BUT when I do look at him he does that but then quickly looks back within the same second ..like a double take kinda thing (probably cause he's thinking why is this weirdo staring at me) and then we just make eye contact no facial expressions at that point til I look off...

:( I feel like a loser, because if we made eye contact and he was interested he'd at least smile or look interest right?


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  • You gotta make yourself alive to him. Talk to him, start a conversation.

    Your the one that likes him, so its pointless of waiting for him to ask you out. Like I said, make yourself known to him, show him your goods. Show him everything about you and show him why he should go for you.

    • lol I try but he doesn't seem to care... like I'm pretty sure he finds me attractive (dont ask), people sometimes do LOL, but he doesn't seem to "like" me kinda thing... I suppose he goes for personality but I'm scared to show interest if I feel ill get none back lol :(

    • Some guys need signs from a girl before they make a move. He has to be able to connect with you before he finds you worth it to pursue.

      What you should do is say straightforward things, NOT HINTS because guys don't read hint. Say something like "I think your attractive".

      "You give a man an inch, he will take a mile"

    • lol ill try, thanks!

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