What are the different types of makeup?

What are the different types of make up? how many types are there ?and what do they do?

What does your daily makeup routine look like when you are going out?> and do you put them on in a specific order


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  • I put on foundation which is liquid the color of your skin to make your skin look more even, then concealer under my eyes to lighten the skin there, next I put on eyeshadow but only if I'm going out and want a more done up look. Then I put on either liquid eyeliner with a brush right along my eyelash line or use a pencil to put a line there which makes my eyelashes look thicker, then add mascara to again make my lashes longer and thicker on top and bottom lashes. I finish up with a powder my skin tone all over to set the foundation. I might add a light dusting of powder blush to add some color. Plus, lipgloss of course. It takes maybe ten minutes total in the morning.


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  • Cover up or foundation

    Eye shadow



    Lip stick

    Cover up or foundation is always put on first. It is used to even out the skin tone and help hid blotches.

    Eye shadow can help bring your natural eye color while having fun with color.

    Mascara is used to make eye lashes appear longer and fuller

    Blush is used to add color to cheeks and can define the cheekbones

    Lip stick is used to bring color to lips or if more natural look would be using a lip gloss.

  • There's waterproof.matte.shear.

  • Why

  • The basic stuff is foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara, eye liner, and lipstick/gloss.

    Foundation covers up any skin discoloration.

    Eye liner and eye shadow helps brighten your eyes.

    Mascara adds definition to your eyelashes, makes then look longer.

    Blush adds color to your cheeks.

    There are numerous types to suit many different complexions.

  • I don´t use foundation because I don´t feel it´s necessary (at least on me) and I like to look a bit more natural. I only wear makeup on my eyes: mascara (a little bit) and black eyeliner, but nothing too exaggerated, just a tiny bit because it looks good. I also wear red lipstick, but very rarely.

    • What is the difference between mascara and eye liner, aren't those the same thing?

    • no, mascara is some sort of black liquid that you put on your eyelashes to make them appear longer and nicer. The most common is black, but it comes in many colors. You apply it with a little brush the size of your eye and it doesn't hurt. Eye liner is either a pencil or a paintbrush (if it?s liquid) that you use to outline the shape of your eyes. You can use it right above your eyelids (above the eyelashes) or below the eye. Contrary to what some people think, no make up hurts or makes us blind.

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