I'm size 12-14(UK), have an hour-glass figure, dark brown hair (which comes to about my bra strap), blue-gray eyes (lots of mixed colors but these two are most dominant) and clear pale skin.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what type of dress (floor-length, below the knee etc) and color you think would suit me?

Also, if anyone knows any good prom website (a la UK) or a good store situated throughout England (i.e. Debenhams) where the dresses aren't too expensive (£150 is probably max I'd pay) OR if anyone has a prom dress they'd want to sell me I'm open to that too - I know this isn't eBay but it's worth a shot. ;)


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  • Kk, you have an hourglass shape so you def need to show those curves off! It is the perfect body shape so don't wear loose or floaty dresses because it will just hide your curves and make you look like everybody else who isn't lucky enough to have curves. I am a size 12 and have hips and a small wasit and I love showing the curves off by wearing a body con dress bandage style.

    I'm not sure how tall/short you are but I would still go for a dress that ends above your knee but obvs not micro mini or anything lol. And if it can't be too revealing go for a dress with straps (some gorge ones are the ones that cross over the back-i tried a dress on in topshop yday and it had those straps, it was gorgeous).

    I think the classic black dress would suit you but if you want something more daring and different because it's your prom then you can choose a bright bold colour like red,green,pink or purple would probs suit you best if you're pale with dark brown hair.

    Lipsy have some great dresses, Asos has some amazing ones too. River Island has a gorge black body con dress with straps and like I said before Topshop has got some really good body con and other style dresses. You could also try H&M because Matthew Williamson has just done his first range for that store and there'll probs be some really nice dresses.

    That's all I can think of at the moment lol, good luck finding the perfect dress :)

    • I'm 5ft9, so I'm pretty tall. I've actually found an orange dress on the River Island webby (thanks to ivarei's suggestion). I'm still gonna shop around to see what there is. I'm going into town tomorrow which has practically every clothes shop you've mentioned so I'll have a browse and try on some dresses, thank you (:

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  • What's your style.

    It's hard to say just on your general stats - so you want princess? more relaxed? Bohemian? something whimsical? something classic?

    How formal is your prom?

    Anyway - Lipsy sometimes has some nice prom dresses in - or some party-style dresses which can be worn as a prom dress dependant on the style you're after. And their prices are pretty affordable.

    Another good place to look for cheap prom dresses is TK Max - I know - it's a pain and half the stuff you find is terrible - but every now and then if you look hard enough there's something there. I know my friend got her prom dress there last year and it was gorgeous - and completely affordable.

    Also - try looking round Bridal shops - a lot of them carry some lovely stuff - like dessy dresses which are pretty affordable.

    With pale skin- I'd probably tend towards a darker colour so as not to appear washed out - maybe a dark purple, red or navy.

    • Seriously, I don't mind what sort of dress it is. I'd probably lean to more of a relaxed dress though. Prom is semi-formal - it's not like strict 'wear a full-length gown', so people can pretty much wear what they want as long as it's not revealing.

      And TK Maxx? Seriously? I'll give it a shot. I would of never of thought they do nice dresses there though. Thanks for all your help :)

    • No they do some lovely evening gowns.

      I know - it's hard to believe but I picked up a floor length red dress for a wedding the other day for just 30.

      Try vintage shops too - but they might be slightly more expensive.

      Oasis sometimes has some nice stuff in and Quiz has a nice affordable range at the moment.

      BHS - sometimes a little old fashioned but you can find some nice stuff on occasion.

  • you're probably look nice in an empire kind of dress, but not a hem just below the bust, but a bit closer to your waist.

    i've not been in a UK for a few months, but I remember New Look and Internationale having some cute dresses. I forget if River Island had dresses, but I loved that store =]

    • River Island is pretty awesome, so I'll have a look there. I'll also check out the empire-style dresses. Thanks!

    • I've just seen a really pretty dress from River Island! Thanks for that suggestion or I'd of totally forgotten about that shop!

  • a long strapless satin off white or pearl gown that kind of twists around your body with an empire waist or a royal blue strapless dress empire waist that goes to your knee with black toole peeking out and a black satin bow going around it

  • I say you where a strapless red dress with a twist aroung your body, above your knee, but not that short. With leopard high heels, with black nail polish and both hands and feet.

    Or you can do the opposite, leopard dress and red high heels with black nail polish.