How do I not look desperate?

I was at dinner w my parents last night and this French guy was w his parents and I thought he was really cute. When I would be smiling and look at him he would already be looking at me. I kind of stopped looking at him as the meal continued cause I didn't think he was looking at me. What do I do in situations like this? I don't think we could have met up or anything but I think I'm also kind of shy...


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  • you could really aproach him, no desperation or any dumb thing like that, if he is a jerk then you aproaching him would make his ego bust and be all arrogant, but you don't want a jerk do you, so if you aproach and he gets cocky, walk away, it'll be easy than walking up to him ;) but if he is not a jerk then he'll be fine or even flattered you aproached him, but if you don't want to make the move, or won't dare, then perhaps he is sitting across you wondering "should I aproach her" and may be reading your looks and smiles but finding them not-so-clear, perohaps you are just the smiley kind of girl, and you are only watching him for he is watching you, perhaps you are even the arrogant kind of girl waiting for him to aproach you so you can treat him like sh*t, so he maybe wanting to dare move, but is, like most guys, trying to be "more sure", so give him that, you can be laughing at anything or , watching him for many reasons, but if you want him to be as close as possible from "sure", do something more flirty, stick out your tongue in a playfull way and if he looks like "what, was that gesture for me?" you nod and stick it out again, he will not only alk up to you, but you would have already broken the ice and the flirting is ON, but of course if he doesn't wake up, then he is either supershy (you'll notice it in his face) or, if he is not shy then he is not into you and you were mistaken, perhaps he just confuse you with someone or you remind him of a girl he hates XD


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  • You don't look desperate. Desperation among ladies is only made when they approach a guy with the intention of flirting with him. Ladies are suppose to wait for the man to make a move.

    You're not desperate at all, and most girls are shy so you're not alone.

  • I kinda sorta have to disagree with Aercz definition of desperation. It's perfectly fine for girl to approach a guy. It's only desperate if she's approaching every guy she sees until finally one will take her. Everything I just said doesn't really mean anything because you didn't approach him. All you did was smile at him, which is a smart move to make in any sitaution. You're doing it right! If you wanted to take a step further without seeming desperate, then a "hello" would work.


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