Would You Find Me Attractive?

I haven't had a boyfriend, or even been kissed. I am just starting to realize some guys may actually be into me. I am 5'6'', top of my class, want to be physician, play violin and sing, I like to read, write, dance, cook. I have a great sense of humor, I can be conservative, but don't let that fool you. I can be really fun and wacky also. I like sports (football is my fave). I believe in making a difference and am not into being materialistic. A lot of my friends tell me I am different (in a good way).

based on that and my profile pics, would you find me attractive? What can I do to get guys to ask me out, because I assume they don't like me if they don't ask me out.

Btw: be totally honest


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  • Can't see your pic, but the description sounds great

    Cooking, sense of humor, intelligent, fun-loving, likes sports, kind hearted, not materialistic are the points that really stood out to me and will help you rake in guys

    You have to stop being so outwardly conservative though. Guys kind of think if a girl is always frumpy and sh*t she must not want it that bad, so don't send that message. You want guys to know you're approachable or they just won't approach.

    I don't think bars are a great place to hook up, but liking football is a huge advantage so if you go to a good sports bar during a good game of football where a lot of college guys are, you'll probably get hit on eventually if they see you watching the game and looking fine.


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  • Don't use the "positioning effect" as I call it. A girl or woman walking by me, or if they station themselves near me, never gets me to say hi to them, I have to know they are interested before I'll say hi.

    If you see a guy you like, find a reason to walk by him, but say hi too and smile. You *could* try to find some small talk about the weather or anything just to test the waters, then you can see if he is interested that way.

  • I think you're attractive, too young for me, but attractive nonetheless. Some guy your age would be lucky to have you!


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  • I think that any guy will find you attractive, it's just that you have to give off that certain vibe that you are interested and looking (just don't act desperate). Flirt and have fun a little. It won't even look bad if you start a casual conversation with a guy, because you have a great personality. It's all in the matter of mustering up the confidence to do so. (believe me, even a simple smile is enough ;