Signs of interest of outgoing, 16-going-to-17 guy?

Teenage boys, if they like you but don't tell you what's their sign of interest, pls focus on non verbal ones and determine the following maybe

1. Called your name out when playing game like pictionary

2. Stare passionately and intensely into your eyes

3. staring afar and looked away when you caught him

4. turn shy, in my case, like turning himself to the wall if I pass him

5. Mirroring, like I was smelling soup and he did it too

6. Playing wif other girls in front of me

7. Whistling at me after staring me doing sth embarrasiing

8. not paying attention and seems unfocsued when I'm talking publicly

9. walk extra manlier when he's walking in front of me

10. looked surprised when bumped into you

11. doing extra random things and behave hyperactive/ suddenly cold


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  • U should ask some guys because I'm stuck there too


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