How do you take good iphone pictures?

Like, last second photos where friends are like "let's take a pic." But you're THAT girl who look like crap. Well, that's me.

I've asked this before, but I think y'all assumed with a camera and I've kind of found what angles work for me.

I also know how to contour my face and what makeup to use and not use.

heyheyhey, perhaps my pictures aren't attractive because I'm no beauty, but I'd still like to look decent

Last second pic advice/tips/tricks?

Whether it's makeup advice or just "stay outta pics," anything?

By the way, my avi isn't of me. Some people aren't aware of who she is and have been complimenting me. It's Peggy Bundy!


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  • I misinterpreted your q initially, I thought you were asking how to take good photos with an iphone, not how to pose well.

    I don't think there's anything specific beyond the fact that everyone looks better shot well with a real camera.

    The biggest difference between people who photograph well and those who don't is the ability to turn on a natural looking smile (which I suck at). If you can figure out how to do that, you'll be mainly set.

    Odds are you fake-smile with your mouth and need to fake smile with your eyes more.


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  • People really think you're her? Wow.

    Anyways, only photo taking tip I know is to practice by yourself so you know what works well. Your friends probably would have no problem taking another one if you don't like it too.


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  • Angle your face so you aren't facing the photo front on. Most people have a good side. Figure out which yours is and always angle your head on that direction for photos. Also make sure your smile is natural. Crinkle up your eyes so you're not just smiling with your mouth