How do you make plain old jeans and T shirt ensembles interesting to wear?

You want to be spiffy and fashionable, but without trying to look like you spent hours of preparation to achieve that look?


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  • If you are looking for a nice day wear trying getting a pair of flats (I personally love converses, just don't do the high tops lol). Then maybe put a nice sweater or dressy button down shirt over the T-shirt (keep it open obviously.)

    For a night time look, trying replacing the flats with boots or casual high heels (Not Beyonce style stilletoes...just something with a small heel that looks dressy) maybe put a blazer or funky jacket over the T-shirt.

    Also, never under estimate the power of jewelry and scarves. Now you certainly don't want to look like someone out of a rap video but a nice big scarf or some dangling bracelets can change the entire look. Go to Clares or Icings and get a bunch for very cheap...heck, even walmart has some stuff to serve your purposes.

    • Just thought I'd say...ain't nothing wrong with high tops!

    • I didn't say there was anything wrong with hightops...but pair them with a blazer, that's a little awkward looking.

    • Thx for answering,can you please rate the question? Strange you were the only answer!

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  • Messy hair & combat boots :D


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