How can I keep my hair from drying if I use mousse and hairspray?

i use to use mousse and hairspray on my hair but I stopped cause my hair was extremely dry. it worked on my hair thought I have really thick curly hair that gets really big frizzy and dry looking. I like the shiny wet look. so will putting a hair cream/oils on my hair before I put mousse and hairspray help?


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  • Your hair can dry and still have the "wet" look. I pull it off every day.

    If your hair looked dried out, then your not using enough hair gel, or your combing your hair out after gelling it. If you need to adjust your hair with a comb after gelling it, re-wet it once it (your hair) is in the proper position (style) and you should retain the "wet" look.

  • I dunno, google?


    Tells you a lot of sh*t, just have to press the button.


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