Guys-what do you think when you see a girl putting on make up

So my boyfriend caught me putting on make up for the first time since we've been together (about 3 months). I generally put it on while he's in the shower, so that he's not waiting for me. Oh, and I only wear foundation and powder-I'm not a heavy makeup girl. So I had the foundation splots on my face, and was rubbing them in when he walked in. He just sort of smiled and giggled, and then continued to get dressed. When I asked him 'what', he replied 'nothing.' Do you think it's funny to catch a girl applying makeup? I just don't understand the giggle


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  • I think you just looked funny with those splots on your face.

    I also find it interesting to see a girl do her makeup, and 4 hours later wash it off again. It's kind of funny when you think about it that she cares so much about how she looks to take the time to put it and make it perfect, and then not much later take it off again. When it's my girlfriend, I also find it kind of funny that she still wants to look good for me, even though I would be fine with it if she didn't wear makeup. So if she knows I don't care, then she must be doing it for other people?

    So all this together may make me smile/giggle a bit if I saw my girl applying makeup.


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  • It's not, he's just impress that you're still making yourself look beautiful even when you're in a relationship with him. Some girls who got into a relationship stopped caring for themselves, got fact, and stopped wearing some make-ups. It usually come out as unattractive to men and is the primary reason for most break ups.

  • you just probably looked funny that's it.


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