I don't get why guys never like me?! This is a serious question.

I'm only a Sophomore in high school so I know I still have a lot of time for guys and all that, but I really don't get why guys don't like me or just think of me as a friend. I'm fairly pretty but most people describe me as cute, half Asian, I don't dress in slutty clothes, sometimes I wear cute vintage style clothes and sometimes I just relax in jeans, a hoodie, and converse. I have some acne, but just on my forehead and it's going away. I'm smart but not too smart where no one can understand what I'm saying, and I love to read books. I'm shy at first but once you get to know me and I feel comfortable around you I open up more, and I'm becoming less shy. I'm opinionated but I don't force my opinions on others. I'm really nice and try to be nice to everybody. When I see someone always alone I try to talk to them or include them into my group. I'm also not a really cocky person. I'm weird, but not like the weird kid nobody talks to kind of weird. I'm more of a funny kind of weird I guess. I laugh a lot. I'm not athletic but I'm not horrible either. I listen to a lot of different styles of music. I don't like taking pictures of myself like most girls at my school and I kind of think it's annoying when people take the same pictures of themselves over and over again since pictures are meant to capture memories, not boredom. I'm not really insecure. I do have insecurities, but everyone does. I'm not perfect, but no one is, so I don't get why guys never ask me out? The only times I can tell when a guy likes me is when it's (no offense to them) but the dorkier guys because I'm nice to them. They're nice and I don't really care about looks, but I usually don't have anything in common with those guys when we talk. But I don't get why no other guys like me though? I honestly want to know what's so bad about me? Please be honest and tell me what you think, and please no hate, thanks.


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  • There's unfortunately not much I can think to say to you...

    I will say that with relationships, and it doesn't cure, but it helps: If the feelings are mutual, then it will happen, if it's not mutual, then would you still want it to happen?

    I'm happy to help you, please feel free to message me.

    Love, light, and blessings.


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  • "so I don't get why guys never ask me out?"

    Take initiative and ask them out.

    There's a HUGE difference between not being liked and not initiating hangouts/dates. If you want something you can't sit there and hope it happens.

    • I've taken initiative before, and it always ends badly :(

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  • It's funny actually, this is almost the description of me! everything right down to the half Asian and the personality. But don't worry I was like that too when I was your age, but it does get better!

  • And like you said.. you are a sophomore in high school.

    Why do you need a "boy" in your life?