Tips for looking for an apartment?

I am a first time mover and am so soo nervous. I contacted some apartment locators tonight and have been looking on Craigslist and apartments on trulia,ect. Any tips on what to watch out for regarding areas, management. What is the worst thing to you regarding your past apartments?

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  • Highrise, low-rise, small apt. bldg or in a 2-3 apt house?

    Besides the obvious location

    You don't want a basement apt. especially if it gets cold where you live. Nothing that faces or backs up to an alley,(especially on the 1st floor) not close to a dumpster, not near the elevator (you will hear the elevator all the time) not near the garbage chute, assigned parking, any utilities included, who do you report maintenance issue to, on site laundry room, security deposit & how to break the lease in case you don't like it or find undesirables in the bldg.

  • Affordable, yet comfortable and cozy one.

    Near to school/work, walking distance is best.

    Also, same sex roommates/neighbors would be best because you don't want the idea if men were around you and they come knocking on your doors one night and have sex with you. Though just an extreme scenario. Preferably, an approachable management staff would be best and their service should be immediate, not delaying it for a week. Also, they are willing to fix faulty pipes, floorings, faucets, roofs, windows, and others.


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