I have a boyfriend who I like a lot but I'm always attracted to other guys

Me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for about 21/2 months now and I like him and care about him...but I always look at guys and am really attracted to other guys...i don't act on it but I don't get it...I've done more than him sexually could that be why?


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  • its called being a natural flirt, if you look at other guys while in a relationship, and or even out of a relationship, you just like being flirty all the time, some say its not the best route but, I say wth I mean I think the most attractive girls are the ones that you can't get (in a relationship etc...)


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  • What you're describing is perfectly normal.

    We're all attracted to other people -- simply because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean you're suddenly blind.

  • We all do it - won't go away when you get older (attraction isn't a choice)


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