GUYS, attracted or not?

There is this college guy who is pretty popular and who I hear is good with the ladies and a decent looking guy.

Anyway the other day me and a mutual guy friend were talking in the hallway and he mentioned I should wear something casual like what this *references what random guy in hallway is wearing*. I looked at that guy;s outfit but not really. And then while still in conversation, I looked back at the guy to see what he was really wearing.. down and up$. And then Iook up at his face and OMG its my crush! Let's call him John. John and his friend were also have a convo super close to us. Anyways John saw me looking at him.. awkward. He turned his head and looked back to see if I was looking at something behind him but there was a wall. And then he basically looked back at me and eye f***ed me until I broke eye contact. Keep in mind this was during the same time we were both having convos with different people but just close to each other.

Why would he do this, do guys tell girls to f*** off with this type of eye contact?

He noticed me look at him a few times before (different times) while I was pretending to glance the entire room and sometimes I really was and he was there. And then he would look at me until I left the area or his field of view, and now this:S


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  • If you're asking if he's attracted, then yes, he is.


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