Girls, how do you show interest in a guy?

Honestly I probably wouldn't know if a girl was flirting with me even if she told me she was. Well... maybe not that bad, but anyways what are some ways a girl shows interest? Very rarely do I catch a girl looking at me and holding eye contact and even then I'm usually so caught off guard by it that I don't usually walk up and say hi. Or I'll think she's looking at me for other reasons.

will she initiate conversations first sometimes? I'm a shy guy and I can't remember the last time a girl actually came up to me and just started talking


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  • Ive been battling with this question for a while too...showing interest without lookong desperate. Okay: I would laugh at his jokes. Commoliment him on his personality or looks once Iget to know hom more. Always act friendly. Be the first to start up a convo. I would not continue any of this if hhe feels awkward or doesn't show that he acknowledges my existence. ;) or shows little interest.


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  • Smile, eye contact. I'm not sure how many will actually come up to you and initiate contact but they will usually be inviting in their body language, or shy, ha ha it's complicated as I'm sure it is for you since you're shy. I liked to talk to my crush so I would start conversations with him and I would show interest in what he was up to. I would be light and flirty with him and try to hint that maybe we should hang out and hope that he can step up to it and ask me out.

  • Smiling alot. Eye contact. Maybe touch your arm occasionally. Keeping the conversation going and starting them.

  • We would usually smile and appear "coincidentally" where you at. We'd try to get close to your friends to have an idea of who you are and your likes and dislikes. We often stare and we would try anything to get your attention.

  • If a girl likes you, she'll

    1) stare

    2) giggle

    3) try to look her best

    4) nervously play with a ring/necklace/bracelet/hair ---you get the idea, right?

    5) try to be around you

    6) learn as much as she can about you

    7) make eye-contact

    Hope it helped! by the way, what do you think about this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


    • I remember few weeks back I was at subway and this girl was working there. It was new years eve and her and another co worker were talking about when they get off. I was like oh so are you guys closing early for new years. It was like 9:00 and nobody was there. She was like oh that's what we're trying to figure out. They just called us in. Then I was like well I guess you have to make money somehow. She started kind of giggling/laughing which was odd cause I didn't think that was really funny.

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    • You mean talking about me after I left? Cause I know girls will laugh at guys they like a lot of times even if what they say wasn't meant to be funny.

    • Yes, but also when she said she was trying to figure out with her corworker whether to stay open or close.

  • Well I try 2 hang out with him and also talk to him. Smile at him when we do make eye contact and just try 2 b by him.


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