This guy sat beside me.. any adivce

This was the first day of class, and we looked at each other on the bus ( nothing special) but as I was walking to class I just got smiling about him. Funny enough he is in my class the row I sat in was crowded this girl sat one over from me, and he walked passed her and passed me and sat to the chair right beside me and he was behind us all. like I saw down first then the girl sat down then he walked passed both of us and he picked an empty seat on my side. There was another empty seat beside another girl int he same row but he picked mine. Small I know and prob means nothing. ( I was hoping it was something) anyway. I saw him again that day sitting on his own, but I had to get to class. I kinda saw him look at me, but I thin he recognized me that's all.

I like him, or at least want to get to know him more - but I was thinking next class to talk to him. or see if he sits beside me again. What should I do. I'm just happy I got a cute guy in the class lol.

im 21 by the way not 30


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  • Just be casual and maybe yo ucna break the ice by saying hi or even saying a funny comment to see hwo he reacts. He probably sat next to you because he thought you were cut. That is the thign I would do if I was a guy is to sit next to a cute girl in class. If you don't want to break the ice first. you can flirt by dropping your pen or pencil near him or you can play with your hair, etc. Their is subtle ways to flirt. I'm hoping he sits next to you so that way maybe you and him can talk.


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