Girls, how can I have girls to look at my eyes when I talk to them?

I noticed that when I talk to girls, they don't look to me at the eyes, they talk back, but they don't stop doing what they were doing, or if they don't have nothing to do, they take out the cellphone or something. Also they rarely want to talk about what I want to talk and always want to switch the conversation back to their topics almost like trying to avoid my topics.

  • Don't worry, some girls just don't have social skills and don't even know how to talk properly
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  • I looks like you make them really nervous and they are embarrased when around you, they don't want to make a mistake
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  • Just call them up on this, say, hey "eyes up here", they won't think you are rude for saying that
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  • Girls only talk to guys they want to have sex with, if you are not that kind of guy, they don't see the point in making another friend
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  • Girls are just rude in general, stick with you guy friends
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  • Some girls are just shy and actually shut down when talking to a guy they're attracted to. Lack of eye contact might be one of those tricky signs, as sometimes it indicates a lack of interest and sometimes it means the girl is overwhelmed.

    If you're hitting on a girl that is more shy, you might want to read this:


    Also, if you are always hitting on one "type" of girl and that isn't working out, you might try either switching up what you're saying, or try a new "type" of girl to flirt with. What topics were you trying to bring up when you were being ignored?

    • I talk about things that I have opinions for, like for example nutrition, exercise, friendship, etc.. I do better when I talk about thing that happened to me that day, but those are very short since no much happens to me during the day.

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    • That's fine and well, but even average girls can be stuck up. Make sure you don't give time to girls that have a bad personality no matter what their looks.

    • there should be a way to pass that, I'm going to try to be more patient next time

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  • some girls when they do that, just don't want to talk, they might be going through somethings, they may be on their period and don't feel like being around everyone. personally if I did that, it's because I am attracted to him, and am scared of doing something completely embarrassing and idiotic, so to keep myself from doing this I keep myself occupied! don't take it to heart, try asking her out! what's the worst that could happen.. she says no! :)

    • She did said no, I'm gonna wait sometime before asking again, but I'm talking about girls in general, she is not the only one that is like this, all of them are, it sounds hard for me to believe they are allm on their periods at all times.

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    • I suppose your just gonna have to live with the fact that no one wants to go out with you.

    • nope I still have thge opion to transform, I just need to be patiient

  • That's because they don't want to look at your eyes. You make them feel uncomfortable or it is because they are not interested in you very much. You need to talk about something that will have their eyes met with yours.

    • For example? They don't want to because? So that would be D right?

  • Who knows what it could be in these situations, but I always try to look at the guy in the eyes when speaking with him (if situation is appropriate.. like I'm not driving or something haha).. especially if I like the guy.

    Right now, I'm really into this guy who usually maintains eye contact with me but he sometimes acts nervous and breaks eye contact. When he starts acting nervous, I start acting nervous and it becomes a little harder to maintain eye contact.

    • wow, that's cool, that means he likes you, I wish I was in your shoes, it's been a while since someone I like, like me as well,

What Guys Said 3

  • They're not attracted to you. When a woman does not give you her undivided attention, it means you're not that big of a deal to her. Find another girl.

  • Choice A is pretty close.

  • they aren't interested in the conversation

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