Do guys like black girls who look more mulatto?

I mean in the face mostly and with the hair. Is that somewhat more attractive?


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  • I'm white and yes, I prefer the more mulatto black girls in general. I've seen some dark black girls that I thought were beautiful, but generally the more black black girls have facial features I'm not crazy about. I don't dislike the dark skin, it is more the facial features I like more are more common in mulattos.

    • you mean the nose...? I'm guessing

    • Nose, wider faces, more prominent foreheads, larger chins, these are things that seem more common in darker black girls I've noticed. Of course there are exceptions that I'd make if they had the look that I found attractive. It is hard to put a finger on it. You look at a face and you go "attractive" or "unattractive", don't you? It isn't like you just break it all down in details. To me it is instant.

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  • white guys? I'm white and I do

  • "Is that somewhat more attractive?" Compared to other black women or...? If that's what you meant, I'm actually more drawn towards girls on the darker side when it comes to black women, but I like it all. A pretty girl is a pretty girl.

    • really you don't like lighter skinned?

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    • Light skin doesn't make you attractive. The features that you have do

    • Men think so

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  • I don't know how a black woman can look mulatto unless she is. Just because a black woman is lighter skin doesn't mean she qualifies has looking mixed. We come in all shades, so to other races you are still seen has a black woman, no matter how light you are. It is our genetics that link us has being African American not our skin tone.

    Has to answer your question, the only way I can see someone not liking someone of darker pigment is if they are discriminatory towards it. Just because your skin is lighter doesn't make you automatically more attractive. I can see someone thinking that if they have something against darker skin tones and are set in an ignorant mentality.

    • then most men ignorant

    • Really? You think most like lighter girls? I'm brown or chocolate skin, and I get all races checking mr.

  • I notice white people tend to think that any light skinned black girl is mixed...

    So I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, the more European features a girl has, she'll be considered more attractive to white guys/people.

    Lighter skin

    Straight, less wide nose

    Hair that isn't as kinky and retains length

    • Thanks I think she must be skinny too