Is this a sign, or just "static"?

Okay, so there's something I've noticed one of my guy friends doing, and I was wondering what it means. :)

Basically, when I compliment him on something (I don't very often, but I have a few times), he seems to do it more often. Recently, I told him he looks great in red, and he's started to wear it more often (like when I told him that, he pretty much wore red shirts the whole week). Another example is that I told him he looks really good with a beard, and he has one more often now. He used to be clean-shaven almost all of the time, but after I said that, I noticed he would generally grow his facial hair out.

There have been other signs he might be interested in me, and so I'm just wondering if this is another one, or if I'm paying too much attention to little things. I appreciate the feedback! :)


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  • It could mean he likes you or it could mean he is not used ti compliments and is taking yours to heart. Someone once told me that I look good in red so I started wearing it more often but I did not like the guy that told me that.