Are my expectations too high?

There is a girl, who I haven't confirmed it, but I'm pretty sure she likes me. The question is, do I like her? I don't even know! Her personality and sense of humor are great and we can talk for hours without there ever being an awkward moment.

To me though, she's just average looking. I know that sounds shallow that the only thing holding me from going after her are her looks, but I need to be really attracted to the girl I like, if I plan on going any further. I don't have girls go after me, so it might just be the fact that this girl likes me, for why I'm considering pursuing her.

Any opinions on what I should do?


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  • i think you should keep hanging out with her and see if your feelings grow. if you like her personality I think eventually her personality will make her more attractive to you. Remember looks turn old and grey but character is forever ;-)

    • yeah I think her personality attracts me more than anything

    • So I kept hanging out with her and this did happen, she become more and more attractive every time I see her and get to know her, I've never been so attracted to someones personality, but this is so much better than a physical attraction and she feels the same way, not boyfriend/girlfriend yet but its getting there, thanks for the advice :)

    • you're welcome :-) congratulations

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  • Obviously there are some things about her that you find attractive. I would think that should be enough. I'm mean think about it what if you did come across a girl you thought was facially attractive but had a horrible personality would she still be attractive enough for you to continue dating. I know its cliche but you really do have to look past physical beauty and look at the person as a whole. I know everyone does it I am guilty of it myself. Its really up to you but it sounds like you already have a general idea of what you are going to do.

  • Just be friends

    You can't force attraction.if you don't find her attractive now, after spending this much time with her, you never will.

    You don't have to date everyone who shows interest in u


What Guys Said 2

  • Not really. It's just because you've spent a lot of time with her, and familiarity breeds attraction, so you naturally are falling for her charms.

    If you can feel that you have good chemistry, why not give it a shot/

  • It doesn't sound like you like her at all. If you did, you would just go for it when she gives you the opportunity.

    There is no right or wrong here. But, I am sure if you two get intimate, you will eventually leave her when you meet someone better.

    • I do like her, its more her personality that attracts me and personality can sometime make people seem more appealing, which is why I am questioning myself.

      Yeah, the problem you state in your second paragraph worries me as well, but I think I'm just going to date her for a little bit, see how I feel afterward then define the relationship after that.