Question for girls about mens height

Now, I'm 5"7 and 18, hopefully I'll grow a few more inches, let's say I'll grow to around 5"8 - I know a lot of women don't like men to be shorter than them or the same height as them, and most would definitely like men to be 5-6 inches above their height. A lot of girls say they like it that way because they feel safer with a taller man.

But my question is, can short men not give the same feeling of security? Do you actually think of taller guys as stronger, or do they just seem stronger?

I would like to know what I could possibly to do make women feel a little more safe in my company, maybe bulk up or wear heeled shoes, or what do you suggest? Because it sucks knowing that you're supposed to protect your girlfriend or wife, and then hearing girls say that they all prefer 6"+ men...



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  • I'm going to suggest this is a hard question for most people to answer. It's not that women sat down and made an intellectual decision to find a man who would have a marginally better chance of protecting them from a mugger. This is a feeling based on a combination of instincts and social conditioning that shape how they feel about various men.

    Most women prefer tall men, but not all. A significant number of shorter women prefer men who are taller, but not -that- much taller then them. A significant number of women also don't care that much about height. It's true that most references to height in personal ads are asking for 6' plus, but it's also true that most women don't mention height.

    Most women might prefer a billionaire too. But they're not walking around rejecting non billionaires.

    All of us have (hopefully) a basket of traits that make us appealing. And we also rank what traits we see in others differently. Women who rank height very important, well you have no chance with them. But plenty don't. So just be the best man you can around them. We all face this. I AM tall. But I'll -never- have huge muscles - my body puts on fat happily but hates gaining muscle. Ill never have dark hair or eyes. I will never be a good dancer. Women who want those things - I'm out of luck.

    With regards to 'is there a direct replacement' for height, for women who love height, no. But for those women who don't want height, they still probably want to feel like he's stronger than they are, and have him project physical confidence.

    • What a nice answer, thanks for taking your time!: D

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  • "girls say that they all prefer 6"+ men..."

    yep we like em 6 inches or more


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  • I don't think it's about strength. I think it has to do with perception of gene quality and nutrition or something similar. Think about it, few girls want a body builder's or fighting champion.

    • But what do you mean about gene quality? Shorter people usually live longer.. it's not like taller people = better genetic health neccesarily

    • Shorter people do not live longer. Either way that's inane. Women do prefer taller men. Do you go after physically undesirable women? Do you think what attracts you physically has to do with their genetics? We may never know for sure but it makes the most sense that physically desirable traits would be caused by genes. Of course there are social constructions.

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