Gentlemen, what's something cute to say to guy that I like?

like, a guy I already know, but I want to maybe be something more. is there anything that I could say to guy that would make him smile or find really endearing?


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  • Usually certain types of physical actions do the trick. If you want to use words, it's really dependent on who/what kind of person this guy is, your relation to him, and the situation. A random hug on some guys works well, then telling him how happy you are to see him. Or, if a guy is late to lunch or meeting you, you can act annoyed (in a sarcastic way) and tease him for being late. As I said, it really, really depends on the circumstances I listed, so if you'd like to expand I'd be more than happy to take a look.

    • What are the physical things?

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    • I had watched Trainspotting that night/early morning, yeah.

      and that story about the girl and the water, that's freaking brilliant...i did that to a guy once, except I used whipped cream =P

    • Well, I'm okay with water, but whipped cream kinda makes a mess; though I'd probably just eat it off the top of my head to play along with the joke. So, do you want to tell me a little about this guy you like, your relationship with him? Maybe we can come up with cute things to do specifically for him?

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  • You could comment the guy on his clothes and ask him where he got them and just start a conversation and go on from there.


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