Is heigh a factor in how tall of a guy you are? How can I get taller?

I was in my Human Disease class and the lecture covered the pituitary gland and how it controls your height because it produces the human growth hormone which controls your height. I am 5'7'' so you can see why it would interest me. Professor said that the more vigorously you exercise the more HGH the pituitary produces and that it settles at the age of 24 ...I'm 23...

Will vigorous exercise work? What kind of exercises?

I've been noticing girls always chase the 6' tall guys with six packs and then get their hearts broken then go to the "Nice Guy" because he is nice or a "Safe choice" which in turn makes us feel like you chose us as a "Last Resort"

Why not save yourself a heartbreak and pick the nice guy from the beginning?


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  • Well while vigorous workout might boost those levels, it won't change your change your height by much. Not that late. While everyone has an individual end to their growth period, it's unlikely that you'll be able to grow even an inch in the year you have, even with intensive workout. And women might have many reasons to go for a tall guy, but it's not like all tall guys with six packs are jerks. I mean I'm 6' 4 and am in a good shape and I don't consider myself a jerk though I'm not saying I'm a good candidate for dating. But that's just me. Height or physical fitness isn't what makes a person into something that isn't a "Nice Guy". But as you said it, they might in time go for the "Nice Guy" because they need or want stability more than the excitement they usually crave in a man at least in their youth. Most women want to have a family some day and as such the "Nice Guy" is the best bet for the future of their children and in time they might even fall for the guy. ┬┤But that's just one possibility, they might be so scarred by their heartbreak with "the 6' tall guy with six pack" that they are unable to get over the issue and as such can only take the smaller guy because they think that they won't pull the same thing as the guy before.

    But why don't they save themselves the heartbreak? Because you can't know the future. Maybe they will stay together, have a family and be happy. Maybe the girl can change the guy, make his bad habits disappear so that she can keep being with him. Maybe they want to feel the excitement those types of guys bring even with the risk of heartbreak at the end. Every answer is personal. But when you have the guy you like more yet has more risk and the guy you don't like so much, but doesn't present as much of that same risk, many would rather take that risk. It comes with being young you know. I mean if I would have two chances, then I would always go for "the best" and not "the second best".


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  • It's not about saving a heartbreak or anything. Most nice guys aren't attractive and most girls wants a guy who isn't going to put her on a pedestal, adventurous, and good looking.

    Tall guys with six packs are f***ing hot. No denying that.

  • You know, there is a man out there who is nice and mature and gentlemanly and kind and caring and respectful and 6'5 with 8 pack abs...and I'm dating him. So don't bash the tall guys just because you're single. Being tall does not automatically make you a jerk.

    I dated a guy who was your height once and he treated me like absolute crap. He was the worst. I thought the same as you back then, that maybe being shorter would make him nice. But no..your level of niceness has nothing to do with your height. I just so happened to have met a tall guy but I knew him when he was short. When I met him he was 5'6 and there was instant attraction. Over the past five years, it just so happens that he skyrocketed to 6'5. And there's no way I'm leaving. It's not like some switch turns on past a certain height and they automatically become a**holes, you know?

    You just need to date a short girl, that's all. No Amazonian women for you, I'm afraid.


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  • Hi son, I'm with the Department of Hypocrisy.

    /badge flash

    Just doin' my rounds, this'll just take a second.

    You lament that girls always go for really tall, attractive guys with six packs. This clearly seems to bother you, which is certainly fine, very understandable. But before you get to judge these girls for going after hot guys instead of "nice guys," have YOU, yourself, ever been attracted to a girl based solely on the fact that she was nice, DESPITE her being unattractive?

    Do you practice what you preach son?

    • Yes I do, I think personality outweighs looks. I am asking if they already know he is going to do them dirty, then why still pursue him?

    • Alright son, you check out, carry on.

      Also, to answer your question, people are slaves to their own impulses and desires. It takes a strong will and forethought in order to see past the attractiveness of a person and see their true base natures.

      Most people do not possess this ability. They are either forced to acquire it through experience, or suffer until they do.

  • Yes, tall guys are more attractive to women. However at 23 you won't grow anymore, no matter how much HGH you have, natural or otherwise.

    Also women going for guys who are 6'+ with six packs isn't because they are or aren't nice. Unless nice is a codeword for ugly.