The gym was empty, but he gets on the machine right next to me

this was literally my first day ever at a gym. never had been, felt out of place. I had my headphones in and didn't really pay attention when he walked up. I looked around and realized we were the only people on the treadmills. I was thinking maybe I should take my headphones out and say something...but I froze. I was out of breath and you know its hard to talk so what should I do next time this happens? I know the "look over and smile", but then what? he kept getting off and coming right back to the same place the whole hour I was there so I feel like he was doing it for a reason.


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  • it could be his machine (the one he always uses) or he's just waiting for a chance to talk to you.. I mean if there's a cute girl on a treadmill with no one else there I'd certainly use the one next to her

    • yeah that's what I'm thinking so, if it happens again what should I do? how do I give him a signal or something...its a weird situation to just start talking...

    • well, do you want to talk to him? if so next time don't wear your headphone.. just casually work out like you always do and when he comes just say hi. Make small talks "are you here often?", "hey there we meet again", or if you're bolder just straight out point that you've noticed how he always choose the machine next to you and then go from there..

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  • Well.. at least he didn't touch your butt like a guy did to me today at the gym.

    And what is your question? Take your headphones out? No.

    The gym is known to be a meat market for guys.

    All the guys I have met there have been lame perverts that think they have game.

    (Not saying that I am categorized.. just saying).

    • OH.. and that is weird how he kept coming back to where you were.. did he have bathroom problems or something? Or was he stalking you? I would of got creeped out!

    • he was refilling his water and going to the weight section. I was just walking he was like running full speed and lifting weights.

    • Oh okay.. well.. he sounds quite in shape.