Am I strange?

I have this guy, late 30s, decent, respectful, charming, etc.

We had a couple of dates.

I found him attractive, he seems to find me attractive from the first moment he met me a few years ago.

We text each other almost everyday now.

But I'm getting to feel something strange about him.

He doesn't seem to care about what I do.

He never asks.

He does say that he wants to know more about me if it is ok with me, but not a question style, such as "How was your day?" "Where did you go?" "Is this what you like?" etc.

If I'm interested in knowing him, I ask him.

But he doesn't ask me about me and just keeps saying he is happy to hear from me or wants to stay with me or sex talk.

Why is he always "affirmative" style, not "question" style?

This shows me that he is not interested in me actually.

How could I tell if he is just playing around or he is really interested in me?

Or am I just strange to think in this way?

If he doesn't ask a woman about her, he is not interested.


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  • well the next time he tells you he wants to know more about you tell him that he needs to ask questions about you if he wants to find out a relationship goes both ways otherwise it won't work. but right now it seems like he just wants to take advantage of you. and if things stay the way they are between you two break up with him because it doesn't seem like he cares about you very much


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  • Your not strange at all! My boyfriend is exactly the same he's very shy and makes a joke out of everything, we txt on a dailly basis even if its just simple wee things like How are u? Don't worry about it ur not the only one most men are like this and find it hard talking bout stuff.

    Us females can b quite overpowering and emotional at times its how we r!

  • I would agree with victoria. You two aren't on the same page at all! Follow your instincts and they will lead you!

  • I would not worry about when he stops contacting you that you have to wonder...