I need help with a costume idea? What decade is that?

So, I remember seeing old pictures where women had high waisted jeans, a shirt tied so it looks shorter, kind of pin-up girl make up with black eyeliner and red lips. There is a costume party comming up at my school, so I wanted to look like that but I can't remember from what decade would this look be, so can anyone help me with that?

And also, if you have any other costume ideas that will look cute, but be appropriate for school, please let me know! :)


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  • it's the 50s :)

    I love this decade, as well as the 20s! link link

    The look is a little more laborious than the pin up look but also very cute and feminine :)

    • I also love the 20s! I have that type of dress, but mine is purple and gold, I wore it for Halloween :D

      Do you have any ideas how to make my 50s costume better? :)

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    • I admit that the latter would look goofy if you wore them nowadays but they're definitely 50's :)

      (Sorry for typing this in 4 comments but the links were super long, they used up all the characters)

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  • 1940's-1950's ERA

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  • 50's teens!

  • I think 20s or 40s