Why do men look for escapes in serious Conversations?

I notice when I talk to my boyfriend he may say or do something to trigger a conversation about something serious. It starts mutually but I notice if I change the subject he dives on it. Or even tries to do it himself.

It frustrates me because we are supposed to be understanding each other. He asks to understand me and then when I explain if he changes the subject I feel like he's undermining the topic since he is a very quiet guy I'm wondering if this is a man thing or his social discrepancy?

He also doesn't give any feed back. Like yea or nay. if he's gotten the point so I can move on =.=


We just broke up :l after a year! What happened!? Why did this turn into such a big deal!? All ik is I said he confused me about something he did explained what it was. then while I was explaining he got up and went to the bathroom and left me over here talking to myself. I didn't get mad I just wen he came back explained why that was rude. He tried to change the subject. I explained it's rude to do that while I'm explaining. Then we just argued for 4 hours and broke up!

wtf!? HELP!


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  • Well it depends on the subject matter really, a lot of people don't know how to react to certain questions etc. in those type of conversations and feel very awkward so they do tend to just fly through it.


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  • fear of mis-pronunciation, of saying something you already stated you disagree with ?

    maybe he doesn't want to argue with you, and just chill, Show trust... not having to declare it in words and values and whatnot. maybe when you wanna talk to him about something (a new topic), you could first do it slowly, leave some time for him to think it over.., like show trust by not expecting an immediate answer...

    hard to say from this story ..


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  • Sounds so so much like my boyfriend...so much that it's creepy O.o I don't know why either...my gut feeling tells me that he really just doesn't care about me enough to make the effort. But...I don't know :(