Are you supposed to change your eye makeup when going blonde?

i'd appreciate advice please...i just got my hair dyed a pretty light's highlights not one flat shade, but I look like a true light blond. (I have light brows, light brown hair, light skin, light eyes so it suits me)

i usually wear thin black liner and black mascara. am I supposed to change my eyeliner?

some of my friends say that with the blond hair, black liner looks very pretty and bold. some even think that I should go a little bolder since I wear my liner thin.

but others, including some of my female family members think that with the light hair the black liner is more noticeable and I should go lighter or use brown.

personally I like black eyeliner better than brown. brown is a little flat. my eyes are very big, and thin black liner really makes them pop without looking too heavy. before I dyed my hair, brown liner seemed a little flat on me and unless I made it thicker than the black it didn't open up my eyes as much.


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  • You sound like my doppelganger!? ^^ Both the natural colors and the hair dye, did you get your highlights with a cap too?

    As for the look black liner is definitely not bad with light blond, but it gives a different look than brown, so a question for you is how do YOU want to look? A bold black line mostly looks more edgy, more fashion forward, sometimes more classic Hollywood glamour, more fun - but depending on the rest of your look you can sometimes look too much and too bold (I don't get the feeling that you'd get that problem though). Brown looks more stylish and natural, more elegant and sophisticated, brings forward your eyes without being as obvious about it - but it more demure and not as fun. Brown is also more forgiving when you're in a hurry. (...I have noticed that family tends to want you to go with the natural natural look and friends go for bold...)

    If you want black, go with black! :) If you're willing to experiment though I'd say try brown again just for fun because it will not look the same with the new hair. I use brown with a hint of shimmer sometimes since I like subtle and I am not a happy camper in the mornings... (which means no patience for eye liner ^^)

    • nope I got a full head of foil highlights. a very full head like there are so many it barely even looks like streaks except by the top of my hair..she leaves it more streaky and sparse by the roots so it grows in better. but the blond is quite light, although it isn't too bright looking so it doesn't look brassy or tacky.

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  • Not really. If you already look beautiful when you go blond, then you shouldn't try change anything. Also, having black eyeliner gives complement a blond's girls appearance a lot. It all comes down to your decision.


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  • Only if it doesn't suit you and you look like a different person...for example emma stone does