Is it wrong that I feel pressured by my boyfriend to be in shape?

My boyfriend in no way says I need to be slimmer or in better shape, let's just make that clear.

But he is in extremely good shape. He is 6'5 and has a 6 pack and has lean swimmer muscle.

I feel like someone who looks as good as he does deserves to be with a girl who is in good shape. So, while I'm already pretty good (5'4, 113 lbs) I've been really hitting the gym in an attempt to tone myself.

He thinks what I'm doing is ridiculous and says I look fine just the way I was. I don't think he knows it though, but he has been paying more attention to me as I've been getting slimmer and my muscle definition in my torso has started to show again.

I was slim when we started dating, don't get me wrong, but I just feel like he deserves a more athletic girlfriend than someone more average.

Is it crazy that I feel that way? Has anyone else ever felt this way?


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