What is up with first lady fashion?

This happens every time there is newsworthy event that involves both the president and the first lady. Today, the day after the inauguration, there is FAR more news coverage of what Michelle Obama wore yesterday than anything else. What's up with that?

By the way, I don't mean to belittle fashion. There is definitely a time and a place for it, but IMO the national news isn't it.


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  • I never really understood that either. And while I love to dress up and look nice, frankly I find it a little offensive that the only kudos women in politics get are based on their looks and fashion sense.

    • The only kudos? Do you really believe that?

      Regardless, the phenomenon is driven by the fact that women hold the majority of the buying power in the US today and the media and marketers know that. They are just catering to women's interests. So I find it a bit ironic that you are trying to make this an anti-woman thing.

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    • Clearly I'm an exception then, which is probably why I find offense.

    • Yes, I think you are. I find it a bit off putting too, considering what's going on in the world and especially here at home. Seems like news should be about news, not entertainment. Women contribute a lot more important things to our world than fashion.

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  • American media is cheap and sensationalist. Even when they do cover news, it's generally with an extreme slant that they're paid by interest groups to divvy out.

  • She always dresses really well and her outfit for the inauguration was pretty cute! People have always been interested in what the First Lady wore if she was young and attractive. Kennedy's wife has whole books written on what she wore in the 60's.

    • Right, it's nothing new.

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  • They just want to publicize her name, and spread her name.

    Also, it's a form of advertisement for the dress designer or retailer.

    • Yes, I agree it is partly politically driven. One of Obama's biggest supporters in the election was the female demographic. That's motive enough for the media to spotlight Michelle for whatever reason they can.

      And there's the dollars, of course. They are just giving women what they ask for.

  • I love how she dresses and looks. Very very classy. Don't know if I would like to hear about it 24/7 though, I'm glad I can switch to other channels that don't speak about fashion all day long.

    • I agree, and I do watch / listen to other news outlets but I watch NBC as well. Maybe I need to stop. It seems more than half of the coverage is about this sort of thing, how to decorate for Christmas dinner, etc.

  • Crappy standards for news in the industry.

    • Absolutely! It's about dollars and giving their primary demographic what they want to see. But it's supposed to be about news, not fashion.

    • Yeap unfortunately the world isn't as it should be, it is as it is. Just follow the $$ and almost every mystery explains itself ^^

    • Agreed!

  • people are bored of talking about the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling

    • I don't know; this sort of thing is the norm, even when there are not such pressing and important issues as the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling to discuss. I think you're right, but I also think it's more than that. IMO, it's a bad message to send about women considering the other, more important things Michelle has done, but the rub is that this is driven by women, not men.

  • She is a horribly unattractive woman. I am black too so don't you get all racialist on me.

    • I'm white and I don't personally find her unattractive at all. She does dress nicely. But considering the light in which the media portrays women is so controlled today, I find it interesting that they feel it acceptable to boost up the perceived value of the first lady based on her fashion skills.

      It's not just in the US either; the UK does the same thing with Kate. I realize they are giving most women what they want, but I still find it sad and annoying.

  • That's the standard of American so called news media.

    The public is beyond stupid - and can barely be made to look at something shiny to distract them from the economy, the wars, the failed drug policies, etc... look at what Michelle is wearing!

    Now go back to sleep America, someone is in charge and that's all you need to know.

    • I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that a bitter wannabe American would step up and show his true colors. LOL