Exemples of the 1-10 looks scale?

Could you guys send me pics of the 1-10 scale? like, what would be a 1? a 2?... a 9? a 10?

if you feel lazy, just send me the 8/9/ or the ten...



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  • Its difficult to describe using pictures... For example for me a 5/10 could be either a slim girl with a below average face or it could be a particularly pretty girl facially who is a bit overweight... I wouldn't be able to give just one picture to cover that!

    Furthermore its subjective so my 7 would be a 6 or 8 to other guys, although obviously there are a lot of objective factors in attraction too.

    • I know it is subjective, post you subjectivity! lol I am not after an 'universal' 5, I know there are different fives, just post one of them.

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