I need advice on photoshopping a photo?

I am going to take a picture with my boyfriend of our hands creating a heart together. I want to edit the photo so one hand looks like water and the other looks like fire. how can I prep our hands so that the editing will look amazing? I was thinking of painting our hands a silver color. do you think that would help?

also, I'm deifnitely doing the hand heart shape picture, but I'm not 100% sure I want to do fire and water. anyone have any ideas of what I could do with it? is there any way I can decorate our hands so little or no photoshoping would be required? any ideas on how I could make the photo look cool woulb be appreciated. (for example, make his hand covered with scales and mine sparkly, paint our hands and make the middle blended so our hands look rainbow, just something that would be a good idea to do to it. THANKS)

i just want to update that I know how to add the effects of fire and water. when I asked what I should do to prep our hands, I meant what should I do in the physical world before I take the picture even? like is there a special paint I could buy to paint our hands before I snap the shot? that's what I meant by that. I'm not looking for editing advice or plugins or anything like that. just some ideas of what I could do with it.


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  • Find two pics, one with water & one fire. Then you can use the clone tool to add the fire and water to the hands from the pics to where you want it on the hands.. It will take some tries but that's what the history & revert buttons are for.

    Or you can use fire & water brushes. Rons water & fire PS brushes would give you that effect pretty nice.

    If you google PS brushes there are tons of free brushes to DL if you don't have them.

    There's also a plugins called Panopticum Fire & Panopticum Water. They would work great. Look hard enough you can find them also.



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  • That's a tough job.

    I think you should try watching some Photoshop tutorials in Youtube as a starter. In an hour of viewing, I think you are good to go.

    • I'm actually an advanced Photoshop user. been using it for about 6 years now :) made a bunch of pics with it since I started using it :D I know how to edit photos really well. I mainly just want some ideas of what I could do, and some advice on what to do with the props I'm taking pictures of.

    • My bad.

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