Why do Middle-Eastern people always smile and wave at me?

I'm a normal looking, above average white male. Whenever I'm on campus, at the mall or walking around in general, young Middle-Eastern men and women will stare at me, smile and wave. I've asked several people if I looked like I may be from Iran or a similar country and only a few have said "I can see it." - the others decline and say I look like a normal white guy.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Could you offer some insight as to why you think this might happen?

Before you say "It happens to everyone." or "Maybe you just think that's the case.", I've been out with friends and I've been told on several occasions that people were staring at me specifically.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. In fact, I think Middle-Eastern girls are among the hottest in the world, haha. Thanks in advance!


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  • If you have to ask people what race you look the chances are you do not look that race. Usually people are mistaken for other races and never have to ask (that's how you know when you look it).

    I do not know why they are friendly towards you.

    Perhaps you look like a real nice guy so they think you are easy to greet.


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  • that's because we are friendly ?:)))))))))))))))))))


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  • Because you look friendly and approachable?

    • ^ I know this grandma can't resist me ;D

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    • If that's the case, can you give a reason why African, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian people do not act this way?

    • Two down votes? Lols

      @qa maybe it's cultural. You appear friendly to that group of people.

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