Why are some women straight psychos?

I will never forget this girl, she was a complete nut job. When I met her she was all friendly and what not, two days later she was giving me the cold shoulder. Next day she was smiling at me again. Then she was ignoring me again. Then she was looking for me to get attention. Then I would look for her and then I would get the cold shoulder. I never figured her out.

Another one was this girl, we were going out for a couple of times, then she dumped because I was too intense according to her. Then 4 months later she was begging to go bzck with me.

This woman gave me a restraining order because I cursed her and because I went to her house to ask for explanations. However she always sent me hot messages and nude pictures.


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  • there is unfortuently some people out there like that men and women , you just have to watch out for the red flags . if your seeing any warning signs maybe move on if you don't think she is the one


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  • The same reason some men are straight psychos... some noxious combination of genetics and childhood experience, usually.


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