Do men pay a lot of attention to physical differences, such as height and strength?

I went to an all girl's school, and it was only when I left to study and work (my field is computing, so I'm usually the only female) where I've received height comments.

I'm not short, I'm 5'6" so a bit taller than average British woman. I think the average here is 5'4"-5'5"

The first comment was when a boy around my height commented that we were walking in height order, and insisted that he was taller than me. Another time was when another boy around my height wanted to see if he was taller and was relieved he was.

Another time, at university, a boy said I'm 'short' and at work, a colleague said 'if she can reach though'.

Then the other day, I was looking up everyone's BMIs and asked my manager his height. I asked if he was sure (he's 5'10") because it feels like we're the same height and he thought it was funny and made a deal out of it. Then we had to stand next to each other while someone else looked at the difference.

I'm not offended by it. I find it funny but why are men like this lol.

Also, things like 'ask us if you need help carrying anything', 'don't carry anything if it's too heavy' 'you need to use some man strength', '(my name)'s a heavy weight champion'! (after jokingly shoving me).


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  • Maybe they like or are attracted to you, and going off the stereotype that girls like taller guys, they want to instill it in your mind that your shorter and therefore they are taller. (therefore they hypothetically and stereotypically increase their chances with you..)

    Just venturing a guess.

  • I think they're just attracted to you, and their heights just serve like something like superiority.


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