Girls: how do you go about getting a guy's attention in this situation?

You're out somewhere - anywhere - and a guy catches your eye. The trick is he has no idea you exist. He hasn't once looked at you. What do you do to grab his attention? Hope he looks over? Walk past him and hope he'll notice you? Walk over and "ask" for help or something? Or just say F*ck it?

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  • realistically, id just let it go and move on. I could never stoop down to be a desperate girl. I only would pursue something that is mutually felt.

    i remember my first crush, I spotted him first, he didn't know I existed. and I would just go to class and admire him from afar, I never attempted anything, in face I figured we would never ever talk he was just a fun eye candy. but shockingly we ended up meeting through mutual friends and talked after all.

    • Making yourself noticeable in some way is desperate?

      It's not like you're going over and sitting on his lap and talking dirty to him, lol.

    • well in my mind, to me, that's desperate because I am forcing it. call me a hopeless romantic but if I wanna end up with the man of my life, then I want it to be real and not forced. if we were to get married one day and people asked how did you meet? can you imagine me going oh I made myself noticeable to him...pppfftt.

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  • i move on. more guys out there


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  • I venture to say that 99,9% would walk past, the remaining percent would *gasp* actually strike up a conversation (most girls think it's very easy for us guys to strike up a conversation with a total and utter stranger)

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