How do you interpret this?

Trying to search for this specific instance was annoying so I'm just going to ask instead.

So first day of classes for the semester was this week. I had an instance where I was sitting in back row with this girl and some guy sitting in-between the two of us. She's fairly attractive so I was glancing over some over the course of the class.

Anyway, at one point I was looking down at my paper while the professor was talking and I could have sworn out of the corner of my eye I saw her look over directly at me. So naturally I turn my head and look over at her, and sure enough as soon as my gaze went from my paper to her it was immediate eye contact.

If I had blinked I probably would have missed it because as soon as we made eye contact for less than a second, her eye darted down to the floor and back to her desk a bit. Me being me though, I of course didn't bother to see if she would look back again, instead opting to see what was on the next powerpoint slide, so I really don't know if she glanced back again.

I'm just wondering if there was anything to this. I've heard some say if there's interest that she will hold the eye contact, certainly longer than what happened right there, but I've also heard that isn't always true and that they might look away because of nervousness or shyness like "OH I just got caught staring". So what's your opinion?


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  • I make eye contat with people ALL the time, I don't have to like them or even think they're attractive to do this. If you catch her staring a lot, then she must think you're attractive and/or you interest her. Just one split-second of eye contact doesn't say much. Especially in a school setting where you may get bored.

    • That's sort of what I was thinking. But it was just odd in the sense- you ever make eye contact with somebody who's doing something they aren't supposed to? ha ha I refer to it that way because I've worked security a bunch in the past and anytime somebody was doing something wrong and got caught, it always seemed like there was that split second eye contact followed by that "oh sh*t" glance away. So it got me wondering if there was something more to it. Thanks for the response.

    • There could be! Especially if you saw her slightly smile. That's what I tend to do when I make eye contact with an attractive male specimen. Just keep an eye on it (no pun intended).

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  • Often times it's actually very hard for girls to maintain eye contact. I will often tell myself I will maintain eye contact for a while with a guy I like. But a lot of the times I get nervous and glance away immediately, sometimes before I even make eye contact with the guy. Watch her from the corner of your eye and see if she does it again. She may try and hold it a little longer next time, or she may lose her nerve again. Both of the things you stated are true, it just depends on how confidant the girl is.


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