Why would a girl keep staring at me?

I have noticed that this girl keeps staring at me. Of course its always when I'm not looking and when I look at her she looks away really fast. I kinda get the feeling that she likes me because of the way we interect with each other and talk all the time but stil she calls ke annoying and tells me she is not my friend :/. I'm just wondering why she keeps staring directly at my face, I pretend I don't see it but its kinda confusing.


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  • She may like you, that all depends on if she's like teasing when she calls you annoying and says you guys aren't friends. But, usually, girls will stare at guys for prolonged periods of times if they like them.

  • She may like you but is shy. So instead of directly approaching you, she makes fun of you and calls you annoying which may be her way of flirting.


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