Was he flirting

There is this guy in one of my classes. Today, there was not a lot of room at the table, so when he sat by me he was pretty close. Our elbows and arms repeatedly touched and when I picked my notebook up for a few seconds, he stretched his arm across my side of the table. He also kept putting his leg close to mine and when our feet touched it was like he was massaging my foot with his shoe; it wasn't subtle at all.

Was he flirting, or just needed more room? : )

BTW: I didn't mind; his skin was soft and he smelled really good!


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  • If you've never met him then he probably was flirting especially if he chose to sit next to you.


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  • Haha! Yea he was probably flirting.

    did he make any eye contact?

    • I think he tried to, but I was too shy to just stare at him when he was right next to me. When I did catch a glimpse, he looked pretty innocent.

    • Well I think he likes you. Keep me updated and tell me what happens ok? =]

    • I emailed him about the homework assignment and added "BTW: I don't know if it is your cologne or just soap, but you smelled good today. " I didn't know how else to hint to him my interest. He just gave me the HW, what do I do?