If guys say they like natural makeup then why do the only look at me when I have more makeup than usually on?

Well theses past few days around college I have been wearing more eye makeup and I have started wearing dark brown eyeshadow on my eyelids ... and just have more makeup on than I usually wear.

Guys in the halls or library barely ever looked at me when I had the more toned down makeup on and less eye makeup but now when I began wearing more makeup, I don't know but so many guys have made eye contact with me and one guy took a second glance at me too!

Why? thought guys liked girls that didn't wear any makeup or kept it to a minimum?


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  • Not all guys like the same thing... but...

    I'm going to like echo/repeat an answer that I've read on this awhile ago and I actually think it's mostly true.

    When most guys say they prefer or like girls with the 'natural' look - more often than not they're usually referring to girls who are like naturally pretty/beautiful.

    I actually agree I mean there are some women out there who I think actually look better without makeup on. I still think that too much makeup isn't good but then again there are girls who can actually pull that look off.


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  • So I like natural looking girls, without makeup or just a little makeup, plus it should still look kind of natural. I'm generally attracted to that.

    If a girl wears a lot of makeup, still looks good, I'll look at her. If she looks nice, then why not? If a girl has a lot of makeup, and it looks silly, if it's so thick and has no natural look anymore, I'll still look to realize how stupid it looks. It doesn't mean I'm attracted to her, it just means she caught my eye.

    And sometimes when I see a pretty girl, I will check her out to see whether or not that's her natural look, or if it's just a load of makeup that's fooling me.


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  • The truth is guys like attractive girls who know how to take care of their appearance.Nothing wrong with wearing more makeup as long as it isn't cakey and still consider as natural looking. According to the guys on this site,they claim that they like natural beauty and despise makeup.Ironically,in real even you can see the difference.

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