Do girls not notice another girls chest like guys do?

Of course guys are going to look for different reasons, but sometimes women wear shirts that just make their boobs like pop out and it seems like a natural reaction to look at them or glance do girls see this too or does it just happen to be a guy thing. I'm just asking if they instantly notice it and kind of glance at them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 90% of the time I don't notice or care, but lets say its summer time and all the nice fashion trends and low cut tops are out, and I see a skinny girl wearing a pretty shirt, I will notice and envy her lol.

    • So typically their clothing is what catches your eye?

    • yea. but if her boobs look 'perfect' I guess id look also and wish mine were like hers lol. I don't get sexual thoughts or anything its all just about girls and competition...

    • Ya I didn't think you would.

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  • I definitely notice if they are pretty big or if girls are wearing low-cut tops.

    • Ya I mean its kind of an elephant in the room type thing but when you talk to girls like that would you ever like break eye contact and look at their chest?

What Guys Said 1

  • im sure they notice