Is this strange?

size 2


and 130 pounds?!?

and I don't consider myself too athletic at all. So how could I weigh that much? I mean I looked at other questions and it seems like other girls that are 130 pounds are either size 8 or very athletic and I'm just confused.


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  • i'm sorry I don't really get your question.

    What are you trying to ask? (not trying to sound rude)

    • I think she is trying to ask why she is so skinny, when she doesn't even exercise much and girls who do are size 8 . . . ???

    • I see then in that case I would agree with what do guys want, and say everyone has their own body shape and configuration. It's like how everyone has different finger prints, they may be similar but are all individual.

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  • Everyone has a diffrent body shape/type, and a diffrent pace matabolisium.

    Your obviouisly just a very petite, young girl with the lucky fast mataboilisium.

    LUCKY you :-P

    • I don't really know too much about the whole size things but I thought she may be asking how she weighs a lot then I was going to say she weighs about half as much as me. I'm almost a foot taller though but ya...

    • Ahahahaa yeah I'm like wf I weigh 140 and I'm not fat!! lmao