What's going on in his mind?

So this guy that I like and I think likes me, occasionally just sits Down with a smirk on his face and just stares at me and when I look at him in the face ( intense eye contact) he doesn't look away, he just smiles even wider. What could he be possibly thinking while he's looking at me like that!? I think it's so cute though!


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  • he probably wants to say something, but doesn't have the fullest of confidence to say anything. if you like him and think he's cute you should defiantly say something to him. just keep in mind, if he hasn't said anything up to this point he might have a slight social anxiety, so bear with him a little if his words don't just roll of the tounge. hope this helps in the slightest.

    • Yep! That helps! Thank youuu! :)

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    • Okay! I sent you a friend request!

  • Ehh, to be honest I think the guy knows that you like him.

    He's either doing it for the ego boost or he like really likes you - at least those are the only reasons why I could see myself doing that.


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